What colours are available?
We have 40 different colours you can select from. A colour cart will be provided to help you make your decision.

Is a scaffold required?
Any projects that are 3 Meters high or over will require a safety erected scaffold. We are happy to arrange this through a 3rd Party.
Does the render need painting?
Monocouche renders can be painted. However, this is not recommended as we use a “through colour” system.

 Do I need to remove any external fixtures and fittings prior to render works?
All external lights will need removing. Downpipes/stack pipes will also need to be removed in order for us to provide the best finish. We are able to carry out these works at an extra cost. Please inform us if this is a service you would require at the quotation stage.

Will my windows need to be covered?
Yes. Your windows will need to be covered, this will be provided as apart of the service.

 Is there any noise?
Our Rendering machine will be running for approximately 2.5 hours per day. As a duty of care please inform your direct neighbours, that render works will be commencing. All noise will be made within Sociable hours.

 How long will the works take?
This will be dependant on the scale of the job. For example, a 4-bedroom detached house will take approx. 14 working days.

 Is it messy?
Yes. However, we ensure that the best of efforts will be taken to contain all debris.
Will a skip be required?
Yes. This will be included in the quote.

Please do not hesitate to contact ourselves if you have any more questions in regards to the Render works we provide. We are more than happy to answer them. Head over to our “Contact Us” page to do so.